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Terry Caulley

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Terry Caulley is a very experienced college running back, having carried the load for Connecticut for the past three years. Terry Caulley is an explosive short cuts, North runner. Terry Caulley is a guy that has to be tackled while he's accelerating because he won't be taken down very often once he hits full speed. Terry Caulley has shown good hands when given the chance to catch passes.
Weakness: Terry Caulley is not built to touch the ball more than 10 times a game at the NFL level. Terry Caulley isn't a back who can make positive yardage behind a bad offensive line. Terry Caulley wasn't used much in the passing game at the college level. Terry Caulley has had plenty of injuries since his dominating freshman season of college.
Development: Terry Caulley is a sign that Al Saunders is looking for an explosive player to make plays catching passes out of the backfield who can also contribute as a special teams return man. Terry Caulley will probably be the fastest running back the Redskins bring to their offseason workouts. He brings with him a knowledge of how to play the game, but was not utilized in the passing game the way the Redskins want to use him in Washington. If he shows he can catch the ball consistently, he has a chance of finding a place on the practice squad as a rookie free agent because of his unique running skills. However, he doesn't have the size or history of durability to ever be more than a sparkplug player who can make a couple big plays a year for his team. He will be a longshot in a four-way competition for the third running back slot and for a return man slot. Whether or not he makes it will be dependent on whether he A) learns the third-down back position very quickly or B) shows off his explosion by breaking off a long touchdown run during each practice session.
Fantasy Football Rating: Terry Caulley could rack up some catches as third-down receiver or make a couple big plays on special teams some day if he wins a job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype scatback/return man body.

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