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Stephon Heyer

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Stephon Heyer has considerable college playing experience at the most emphasized blocker position, left tackle. Stephon Heyer is a very big man with big feet for maintaining balance, and big hands for maintaining blocks. Stephon Heyer is a lock-down blocker who won't let anyone get away for the entirety of the play once he gets a hold of them. Stephon Heyer has a lot of playing smarts.
Weakness: Stephon Heyer is too slow to lead on pulling plays. Stephon Heyer lacks the quickness to beat NFL caliber speed rushers to a point on the field.
Development: Stephon Heyer is an experienced player, but he'll have to make adjustments in technique to keep speedy NFL defensive players in front of him. Stephon Heyer has the kind of size that makes offensive line coaches drool. Stephon Heyer is a mauler and a lock-down blocker, who, even at the NFL level, will not let anyone go through him to make a play. It will be interesting to see if the greatest offensive line coach of all time (honorable mention: Russ Grimm), Joe Bugel, can take a guy with ideal size and technique him up enough to make up for his lack of athleticism. If Stephon Heyer shows something special in training camp he could be on the active roster by late season. However, he'll most likely have to show he can play other positions along the offensive line in order to make the practice squad, where the Redskins will continue to work with him on leverage and discipline. He projects as a guard more than as a tackle, but if the Redskins continue using several of Joe Gibbs's old pulling guard plays he would lack the speed to lead the runner. If he doesn't show progress quickly, he won't hang on to even a practice squad slot on this team.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this year, barring injuries. Should be impact goal-line run blocker in the future if he hangs around long enough.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype build for offensive guard. College production. Lacks NFL athleticism.

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