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Sam Hollenbach

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Sam Hollenbach has ideal quarterback size. Though he is no scrambler, Sam Hollenbach has decent speed for a quarterback of his size. Sam Hollenbach is a strong leader and played his best in big games.
Weakness: Sam Hollenbach's interception numbers in college are quite alarming. Sam Hollenbach did not put up particularly good numbers in college.
Development: If not for his size, NFL scouts probably wouldn't have even bothered to scout Sam Hollenbach. Sam Hollenbach has decent arm strength and all of the body traits of a quarterback, but he never put it all together for a dominant college football season. However, the Redskins saw a lot of leadership traits and physical traits they liked in Sam Hollenbach each time they brought him in for workouts. Sam Hollenbach has a very long way to go to be ready for NFL game action, but that's OK as Joe Gibbs has never been one to prefer putting a quarterback on the field with less than a couple years of sideline experience. The main question in his development is what the Redskins are planning on doing with the six quarterbacks they plan to bring to training camp. Campbell and Brunnell seem to be locks. Collins is exactly the type of quarterback both Gibbs and Saunders like to have on the bench, though Bramlet or Palmer could unseat him with a great training camp. They used a draft pick on Palmer and he'd have to really stink to not grab a practice squad spot. So are the Redskins really willing to hold down two practice squad spots for quarterbacks? Given the ages of Brunnell and Collins, it is possible. More likely, barring injury, Sam Hollenbach will have to prove he is significantly better than either Palmer or Collins in order to make the squad. As far as his future, if Sam Hollenbach hangs around a while there is no lacking in his skill-set that would make you doubt that he could be an effective NFL quarterback some day.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact in the near future.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player.

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