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Pete Schmitt

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Pete Schmitt has good size for an h-back. Pete Schmitt moves very well for his size. Pete Schmitt was a major part of his Wisconsin-Whitewater's passing attack.
Weakness: Pete Schmitt is undersized for the tight end position. Pete Schmitt hasn't played against any top notch players in college.
Development: Pete Schmitt is a good example of having special skills for his build. The question is where Pete Schmitt fits in with the Redskins. There is no room for another running back on the team, where Pete Schmitt would make an excellent blocking/receiving third-down back. There is no h-back in Al Saunders system, but Pete Schmitt would be a perfect fit for that position in the mold of Frank Wychek. Pete Schmitt is an excellent receiving tight end who moves very well through zone coverage, but he is on the smallish side for lining up at the classic tight end position. What Pete Schmitt has going for him is his remarkable similarity to Mike Sellers, who has flourished lining up in a variety of blocking positions and slipping out for red-zone touchdowns. Showing that he can handle these duties is likely what will be required for Pete Schmitt to stick to the practice squad long enough to take over this niche when Sellers retires. If he does make the practice squad, or roster, he will have to show himself to be likewise excellent on special teams coverage units. His athletic attributes indicate that this should be the case.
Fantasy Football Rating: Let there be no doubt that Pete Schmitt will put up receiving touchdowns if he is ever given regular opportunities.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Niche player - Red-Zone. Tweener.

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