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Marcus Mason

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Youngstown State

Strength: As a runner, Marcus Mason dominated division 1AA football. Marcus Mason showed he could carry the load week after week in college football. Marcus Mason has a good, compact build for running up the middle or outside through traffic.
Weakness: In college Marcus Mason played against smaller, slower players than he'll see in any NFL games. Marcus Mason was not involved in the passing game in college.
Development: Marcus Mason wasn't even on most NFL teams' scout lists. Marcus Mason was probably drafted as insurance for Clinton Portis's shoulder. What Marcus Mason is, is an every-down back who you send out there to wear out the competition, though his size may come into question against NFL players. The type of back he is makes Marcus Mason a strange fit for a team with two running backs like that already on the roster. However, if those two guys go down, Marcus Mason would be a good complement to Rock Cartwright. Even with a couple injuries, Marcus Mason will have to prove he can be a big part of the passing game to make even the practice squad, given Al Saunders play-calling. If Marcus Mason does learn the passing game quickly, and shows discipline on special teams coverage units, he could suddenly find himself in a battle for the third or fourth running back slot. More likely though, it would give him a chance at the practice squad where he would be given some time to develop his game and show coaches he belongs in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact unless Portis and Betts go down. Scored a lot of touchdowns in college.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Dominate player against lesser competition. Unknown quantity. Developmental project player.

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