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LaRon Landry

Washington Redskins




Strength: LaRon Landry has been one of the most feared safeties by wide receivers in major college football since his freshman season at LSU. LaRon Landry has superior tackling skills for a safety. He has excellent coverage skills, dominating most college receivers when put in coverage situations. LaRon Landry has consistently made big plays against top college offenses. LaRon Landry has shown good hands for a defensive back. LaRon Landry has better speed than most cornerbacks in the NFL. LaRon Landry has a reputation for working hard breaking down films and studying his opponents. LaRon Landry is known for making very quick, accurate decisions on the football field. LaRon Landry has unusual quickness and burst for a safety. He easily evades or defeats most blockers. LaRon Landry seldom missed any time during football games for fatigue or injury.
Weakness: Though he is very well built, LaRon Landry is a little smaller than the ideal for a safety.
Development: Though it wasn't a major surprise for LaRon Landry to go at the 6th pick, it was about 5 to 10 picks earlier than most people were expecting. The more surprising thing seemed to be that the Washington Redskins drafted LaRon Landry, already having a lot of proven depth at the safety position. LaRon Landry is probably more ready to step into the starting lineup now than Sean Taylor was as a rookie, but Washington has the luxury of breaking him in over the course of the season. It is not clear which safety position LaRon Landry will play. He and Sean Taylor have similar skills sets, though Sean Taylor is bigger and not quite as enthusiastic about coverage. This would seem to put LaRon Landry at free safety, but the Redskins will most likely resist that idea because Sean Taylor has been playing free safety in this defense so long. Also, Sean Taylor was a better free safety when he was focused more on the passing game and less on stopping the run. LaRon Landry is perfectly capable of playing strong safety in the likely event the Redskins feel it would be easier to break in one player to a new position than two. Barring injury, LaRon Landry will definitely see his share of playing time during the 2007 season. Because of his intelligence and his superior work ethic in the filmroom and playbooks, do not be surprised if Laron Landry is one of the few rookies in coach Gibbs' history to start the opening game of the season as a rookie. The Redskins are actually secretly hoping he'll help mentor and inspire Sean Taylor to reach the greatness his athleticism warrants.
Fantasy Football Rating: LaRon Landry does everything pretty well and his stats should all be slightly above average from the moment he becomes a starter.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Athletic rarity. Ready to play. 95% chance of NFL success. 85% chance of Pro Bowl.

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