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Kevin Jones

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Saint Augustine's

Strength: Kevin Jones consistently dominated his tiny-school college opponents. Kevin Jones is a heady team leader and defensive play caller. Kevin Jones is one of those guys who can always be found in the vicinity of the football.
Weakness: Kevin Jones has not had to take the pounding big athletic players for a whole game. Kevin Jones is undersized for a middle linebacker.
Development: Kevin Jones is the type of heady, hard-working linebackers from lesser colleges that the Redskins love to pile up on before each season. Like the others, Kevin Jones will have to show that he is a special teams star to make the team before he is given a chance to show that his college success was more than just a guy dominating bad players. There is little doubt that Kevin Jones has what it takes to succeed in the NFL right now. But, Kevin Jones does need to bulk up for the NFL game. And, with so much competition, it is not a given that Kevin Jones will be able to hang around even with a good training camp. If he does hang around a while Kevin Jones shouldn't find himself overmatched by the mental aspects of the NFL game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Bigtime playmaker at bottom of the depth chart.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Proven. Ready-to-go. Undersized. Athletic. May never get the chance, but should be just fine in the NFL if he does get the chance.

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