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Justin Hickman

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Justin Hickman has good quickness. During his senior season, Justin Hickman showed a consistent ability to get into the backfield and finish off plays against top college offensive linemen, quarterbacks, and running backs. Justin Hickman accrued a lot of game experience at the college level.
Weakness: Justin Hickman is undersized for a defensive lineman. Justin Hickman put up less than ordinary numbers up until his senior season. Justin Hickman lacks the kind of speed you expect in an undersized, edge rusher.
Development: Justin Hickman would have been a first day pick with more impressive workout and speed numbers. But his lack of numbers didn't hurt him against college linemen in 2006. Many scouts projected him more as a linebacker, but they ignore his pass rush skills and he really hasn't shown any awareness of pass coverage and quarterback reads. If he has a solid training camp Justin Hickman is a lock to at least make the practice squad. Because he has very good pass-rushing skills, Justin Hickman has a good chance to make the roster, even as a rookie free agent. The question about Justin Hickman is whether his senior season was a fluke or a break-through season. The Redskins believe it was the latter, and would have drafted Justin Hickman if they had another second-day draft pick. Justin Hickman's size will limit his opportunities early on in his career, but if he shows himself as good against the run as he was in college, people will soon forget his size. If he looks overmatched against the run he should still be able to have a solid career as a pass-rushing end. In spite of his turning a corner in 2006, Justin Hickman still has a lot of technique to learn and will likely be brought along slowly unless he shreds NFL linemen the way he did college linemen.
Fantasy Football Rating: When he gets into the line rotation, impact sack man.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Impact player. Overachiever. Very good chance of a long-productive NFL career, considering he is a rookie free agent.

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