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Jordan Palmer

Washington Redskins




Strength: Jordan Palmer has ideal size for an NFL quarterback. Jordan Palmer has a very strong throwing arm. Jordan Palmer has played well in many college games. Jordan Palmer has good roll-out throwing skills for a quarterback of his size.
Weakness: Jordan Palmer tends to be slow reacting to what is going on around him. Jordan Palmer has had difficulty reading what defenses are trying to do, often making poor decisions about which receiver to target. Jordan Palmer shows many holes in his technique, such as hiding the ball, faking plays, and looking off his primary receiver.
Development: There are a lot of things Jordan Palmer is going to have to learn before he'll even be ready to step onto an NFL field in mop-up duty. The question facing the Redskins is whether his slow decision making and poor decision making is the result of lacking good college coaching, being a later bloomer, or having an inherent flaw. The positive side of the coin for the Redskins is that Jordan Palmer's brother, Carson Palmer, had many of the same knocks against him prior to his last season at USC when he broke out and never looked back. Going into the NFL, the big question on Carson Palmer was whether the last season was just a fluke after a mediocre career or a sign of his upside and ability to learn. In Jordan Palmer's case, he did improve greatly his final season, but not nearly as much as Carson did. So again, the question is whether he is a late bloomer or a flawed quarterback. He certainly has the physical tools. Jordan Palmer will compete for the Redskins emergency quarterback slot, but will have to show some improvement during camp just to hang onto the practice squad. Just to make the practice squad he'll have to compete against two other young quarterbacks who are not slouches. However, if he shows the Redskins coaching staff signs that he's a quick learner he could be a surprise addition to the roster. If he just shows himself to be capable and the three veteran quarterbacks remain healthy, the team will probably give him the nod on the practice squad over the other young quarterbacks because of his ideal physical tools for the position.
Fantasy Football Rating: Far far off in the distant future should be become a starter, he has the kind of arm that would put up big numbers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player. Ideal build. If he can react quickly on the field, he has the tools of greatness. If he can't react quickly, he shouldn't be given many chances. Upside: Carson Palmer. Downside: Dan McGwire.

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