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H.B. Blades

Washington Redskins




Strength: H.B. Blades has a family history of success at the NFL level. H.B. Blades is a very good tackler. H.B. Blades has proven himself to be one of the most durable and productive linebackers in college football over the course of his college career. H.B. Blades has been equally productive at strong side linebacker and middle linebacker. H.B. Blades shows a total understanding of the linebacker position. H.B. Blades is excellent at reading and reacting to offenses. H.B. Blades showed himself to be an effective kick and punt blocker against top special teams units.
Weakness: H.B. Blades is short for a linebacker. H.B. Blades is slow for a linebacker. H.B. Blades is not particularly strong for a middle linebacker. H.B. Blades may not be athletic enough to contribute on kick and punt coverage teams as well as most young linebackers do, though his tackling skills and football knowledge should help.
Development: H.B. Blades is one of those guys who steps into the NFL as a ready backup. He doesn't have any of the physical traits teams hunt for during drafts, but when it is time for H.B. Blades to fill in for an injured player you can be sure he won't be the weak link in the defense. When you watch H.B. Blades you can see that he was born to play linebacker, at least mentally. H.B. Blades is ready to play any linebacker position in the NFL, but is unlikely to be given a shot at starting anywhere but MLB during his career because of his lack of size and lack of speed. But all of that is probably in the distance as players like H.B. Blades aren't given as many chances early to show what they can do. H.B. Blades will be battling for the 6th linebacker spot, but is more likely to end up on the practice squad. If he does make the roster, it will be because he shows he is as skilled on kick and punt coverage as he is at blocking punts and kicks. His difficulty winning a linebacker spot will not be because he has more to learn, but simply because he has more to prove than the other linebackers in camp. Long-term, however, he seems to have the instincts to stick in the league as a linebacker if given a shot.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big time tackle numbers if he becomes a starter at MLB. Nothing else.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Consistent overachiever. Football intelligent. Ready to go.

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