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Dallas Sartz

Washington Redskins




Strength: Dallas Sartz has great height and speed for a linebacker. Dallas Sartz is known as a total effort player both during practice and games. Dallas Sartz comes to the NFL with a lot of playing experience against top college competition.
Weakness: Dallas Sartz needs to add a lot of muscle to play linebacker at the NFL level. Dallas Sartz has trouble gaining leverage against blockers. Dallas Sartz was sometimes left holding nothing but air when facing shifty running backs and receivers in college.
Development: Dallas Sartz comes into the league with some major strengths and some major weaknesses. Much of that can be thrown out the window by simply looking at how he produced in college. Dallas Sartz has enough talent to be a successful NFL linebacker, but he needs to work a lot on his body and his technique before that can happen. Dallas Sartz will have to battle several players on the Redskins for the 6th linebacker spot. Most of those players came into the NFL as project players, just as Dallas Sartz should be this year. It is likely Dallas Sartz will be a practice squad player unless he shows the coaches something special right away in training camp. After a couple years of development, assuming he can develop physically and mentally, he should be given a shot at major playing time. If he hasn't shown much to the coaches by then, he will probably be looking for a job.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact unless he somehow becomes a starter. Only average or better statistical propensity shown in college was pass rushing.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player. Has the physical and mental framework, but needs to fill them in before we will see what he can be at the NFL level. 40% chance of sticking in the NFL for 3 or more years.

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