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Cornelius Rogers

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Cornelius Rogers has a lot of college experience starting at the important left tackle position. Cornelius Rogers shows good straight-ahead mobility and strength on the football field.
Weakness: Cornelius Rogers is shorter than the ideal for a tackle, or even a guard. Cornelius Rogers was solid, but not special as a college lineman.
Development: Cornelius Rogers is an undersized lineman who has been moderately successful at the college level because of solid technique and good athleticism for a lineman of his width. His width projects him as more of a prospect at offensive guard, where the Redskins need help. His mobility makes him an excellent pulling run blocker prospect, which is a trait in offensive guards that the Redskins love to utilize, but have only one guard on the roster who excels in this area in Randy Thomas. His experience at tackle is a plus for a team that prefers backups who can play multiple positions. Basically, Cornelius Rogers is a project who will have to show immediately that he can play adequately in the NFL at any position on the offensive line this season. If Cornelius Rogers does not develop quickly, he won't make the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good goal-line run blocker. Good pulling run blocker, some day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project. Overachiever. Rare athleticism for frame.

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