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Byron Westbrook

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Byron Westbrook has a strong, compact frame. Byron Westbrook is dangerous as a punt returner and as a kick returner. Byron Westbrook has soft hands as a receiver. Byron Westbrook is quick and shifty with the ball in his hands.
Weakness: Byron Westbrook is a bit shorter than ideal for a cornerback. Byron Westbrook has below average speed for a cornerback.
Development: Byron Westbrook is a project player who lacks some of the ideal physical attributes for the NFL, but is special athletically. Byron Westbrook was a successful small college cornerback. However, he may not have the speed to face up against NFL receivers. One thing he does have in his favor is that he is fundamentally sound and intelligent on the football field. One thing Byron Westbrook does have is the lateral quickness and sudden change of direction to stay with any receiver. He is probably strong enough and well enough built to see time as a safety. Because of these mental and athletic skills Byron Westbrook projects to be developed as a utility defensive back down the road. But right now Byron Westbrook could be given a shot at being a special teams return man. Byron Westbrook will also be counted on to use his skills on special teams coverage units. If Byron Westbrook shows himself to be valuable in these roles he has a good chance at holding onto a spot on the roster or practice squad. Byron Westbrook's athletic versatility and intelligence makes him a perfect fit for the Redskins system.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact unless he wins return man job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player. Versatile.

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