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Brandon Register

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Brandon Register has a knack for make big plays. Brandon Register has a strong, compact frame. Brandon Register has starting experience at both safety positions.
Weakness: Brandon Register has below average speed for a defensive back, causing him to suffer in man coverage. Brandon Register is a bit undersized for a safety. Brandon Register had to fight for playing time in college due to inconsistency.
Development: Brandon Register is an overachiever who seems to only make big plays against the run and the pass. However, Brandon Register also got beaten for quite a few big plays in the passing game. The Redskins obviously need more big plays, so their hope has to be that with some hard work and proper utilization he can minimize the big plays against. That will likely require him to develop for a few years before he is trusted with playing time on defense. Given the Redskins current glut of defensive backs who are either gifted athletes or gifted special teams players, Brandon Register will have to prove he is a gifted special teams player and a quick study on defense just to make the practice squad for a couple of years.
Fantasy Football Rating: Aptitude for big plays, but not any time soon.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Playmaker. Developmental project.

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