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Alex Buzbee

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Alex Buzbee is very quick getting around the edge and changing direction on the pass rush. Alex Buzbee has a lot of starting experience at the college level. Alex Buzbee is known as a high-character team leader. Alex Buzbee had huge tackles numbers in college for a defensive end, especially behind the line.
Weakness: Alex Buzbee is very light weight for a defensive end. Alex Buzbee has slow 40 yard dash times for his size. Alex Buzbee didn't face a lot of top notch offensive linemen.
Development: Alex Buzbee has enormous upside as a rookie free agent on a team looking for a greater pass rushing presence on the defensive line. The amazing thing about finding Alex Buzbee available as a free agent is that his pass rush potential is up there with many of the top draft picks. Most scouts overlooked Alex Buzbee because of the combination of his lack of size, workout numbers, and accomplished college competition. But when you look at tape of Alex Buzbee on the field he is not just a great penetrator but he flows to the ball sideline to sideline like a middle linebacker. Generally smallish defensive ends are considered pass rush specialists, but Alex Buzbee is a guy who will track down the run if it goes away from him. However, Alex Buzbee is not quite ready to be an every down player on the NFL level. He will have to really sharpen his technique to be able to make the same plays on bigger, faster, smarter NFL linemen.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big stats player when he becomes part of the line rotation.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Pass-rush specialist. Undersized project.

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