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Vaka Manupuna

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent


Strength: Vaka Manupuna is known as a high-character player who gives relentless effort. Vaka Manupuna put up strong statistics the last two years at the nose tackle position. Vaka Manupuna shows a strong mental aptitude for the game, generally showing a quick grasp of technique and the ability to pick up on offensive keys. Vaka Manupuna leverages himself well and doesn't get pushed out of too many plays.
Weakness: Vaka Manupuna is small for a defensive tackle. Vaka Manupuna is not very athletic.
Development: Vaka Manupuna is a guy who got little NFL scout attention in spite of putting together a very fine college career. Washington's scouts saw something in him and brought him in to the Rookie tryouts where he impressed coaches with his hard work ethic, better than advertised strength and athleticism, and quick ability to grasp assignments. Vaka Manupuna will probably never develop into a force against the pass, but he is a ready-to-go runstopper who will take care of his assignments. Additionally Vaka Manupuna's constant motor during games can wear down his opponents and allow linebackers more attacking lanes late in games.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go. Solid. Vaka Manupuna is a guy who can play in the NFL now but he has to find a spot on a team that needs his talents against the run and can afford his lackings against the pass. Solid practice squad candidate.

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