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Spencer Havner

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker

Free Agent


Strength: Spencer Havner has good speed, strength, and size for an outside linebacker. Spencer Havner was among the best linebackers in major college football over the last four years. Spencer Havner is very good in pass coverage. Spencer Havner has excellent hands for a linebacker.
Weakness: Spencer Havner does not have great speed or strength.
Development: Spencer Havner is a steal as a rookie free agent. I believe scouts nit picked him because he's not great at any particular thing, but I see a guy who is better than average at every aspect of being an NFL linebacker. He could have easily been a second or third round draft pick with his ability and college success. Spencer Havner is basically ready to play, though he has plenty to learn. Spencer Havner will come right into camp fighting for the number two job at strong side linebacker behind Marcus Washington. It'll be how well he performs on special teams, however, that will probably determine if Spencer Havner makes the roster. One of the things the Redskins really like about Spencer Havner is his athletic and mental versatility. He should also get chances at weak-side linebacker this year too. But, he faces a lot of competition on a team that is stacked with eight competent young linebackers fighting for three to four roster spots. If he doesn't make the roster it is questionable whether the team will be able to sign him to the practice squad without another team going after him. Down the road a few years, if he masters the defense, he could also be worked in at middle linebacker.
Fantasy Football Rating: Quite a few special teams tackles if he grabs a roster spot.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Good build. Should be a solid NFL linebacker in time.

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