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Roger McIntosh

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker

Round 2 (35)


Strength: Roger McIntosh, also known by Rocky McIntosh, has near ideal athleticism and speed for a linebacker. Roger McIntosh has the athleticism to play outside linebacker and the intelligence to play middle linebacker. Roger McIntosh can more than adequately stuff the run, chase the run, cover zone, cover man to man, and blitz the quarterback. Roger McIntosh was consistently productive against top college football competition while playing for Miami. Roger McIntosh is a full effort, tough player in practice and in games.
Weakness: Roger McIntosh didn't show any spectacular physical features or athletic gifts at the combine and predraft workouts, save his vertical leap. Roger McIntosh has a good frame, but he may need to carry more weight to handle NFL size players. Roger McIntosh has had a little trouble with getting pushed out of his lanes on good cutbacks and well-disguised reverses.
Development: Roger McIntosh was drafted much later than he should have been for a guy who is ready for the move to the NFL and has all of the necessary tools to be a top notch NFL outside linebacker. That is not to say that Roger McIntosh doesn't still have a lot of technique to work out before the season begins. And, Gregg Williams schemes could leave his head spinning a few weeks into the season. But, Rocket McIntosh is ready to step in as a starter and blast off on a strong NFL career at some point this year. He has plenty of college experience at the highest level, abundant intelligence and desire to learn, and a good work ethic. Roger McIntosh shouldn't have to worry too much about the competition. Robert McCune is a physical beast with the best speed on the team at linebacker, but has only special teams experience in the NFL. Warrick Holdman has had a solid career, but was the defense's weak link in 2005. Chris Clemons could win the starting job with a great training camp, but more likely battling for an active roster spot. Roger McIntosh should take the starting outside linebacker job before the year is over, but at the least will be in the linebacker rotation because of his mental and athletic versatility.
Fantasy Football Rating: Roger McIntosh should be above average statistically when he becomes a starter, similar stats to what Marcus Washington and Lemar Marshall put up in 2005.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready to play. 85% chance of succeeding in the NFL. 60% chance of being a Pro Bowl player.

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