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Reed Doughty

Washington Redskins

Free Safety

Round 6 (173)

Northern Colorado

Strength: Reed Doughty was a standout special teams player. Reed Doughty was has four years of starting experience at safety. Reed Doughty has a history of making big plays and turnovers. Reed Doughty shows great balance between discipline and aggressiveness on the football field, almost always making what in hindsight would be the best decisions.
Weakness: Reed Doughty lacks ideal size and athleticism for a safety. Reed Doughty had very ordinary combine and individual workout numbers. Reed Doughty didn't play against any top teams in college.
Development: Reed Doughty was most likely drafted for his special teams skills because the Redskins have an opening at backup safety. He will likely take a couple years to catch up to the speed of the NFL at safety, but should earn a roster spot for his special teams skills if he proves adequate at safety. Otherwise, Reed Doughty will be spending some time on practice squad duty. Reed Doughty has the intelligence to play both safety positions. However, he may not have the physical talent for free safety nor the size for strong safety. Reed Doughty's playing style is very aggressive, reading, and attacking, which is quite definitely leaning him towards strong safety. However, he has shown a knack for the ball in coverage. Wherever he plays on defense, the Redskins hope he will not have to play too much this year. With his intelligence and a year or two under his belt he could overcome his physical limitations and be a good NFL safety.
Fantasy Football Rating: Reed Doughty is a defensive ball hawk and a special teams tackler, but shouldn't make a fantasy impact right away unless Sean Taylor is in prison and an injury occurs.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Intelligence and guts. Special teams ready to go. Reed Doughty has a huge jump to make. 70% chance of being in NFL 3+ years - very good for a 6th round pick. 20% chance of being a starting safety for two or more years in the NFL. 95% chance of being an NFL coach if Reed Doughty wants to be one.

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