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Mike Espy

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Free Agent


Strength: Mike Espy has good peak speed. Mike Espy has great agility and quickness. Mike Espy was clearly the best offensive player on a bad team in 2005. Mike Espy has a lot of major college football experience. Mike Espy is an experienced punt and kick returner.
Weakness: Mike Espy has average wide receiver size. Mike Espy shows below average acceleration. Mike Espy did not dominate defenses in college. Mike Espy did not make a lot of great special teams plays in college.
Development: Mike Espy has all of the tools to be an NFL receiver now. It is hard to judge Mike Espy's college career because of lack of talent he was surrounded with his last couple years. Mike Espy is ready to play in the NFL on at least a part time basis. Mike Espy has some special skills that could make him a good NFL player some day. However, Mike Espy is in for a very tough fight for a roster spot with five veteran wide receivers and Taylor Jacobs in front of him. The good news is that Mike Espy is by far the most gifted rookie receiver on the team. If Mike Espy is impressive in the preseason he's a lock for the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: No near-time impact unless he wins returner job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Athletic. Mike Espy has a lot to overcome and will have to become a master technician to get his shot. If he does, Mike Espy could be a successful NFL receiver in the right system.

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