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Manaia Brown

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent

Brigham Young

Strength: Manaia Brown has a good build and leveraged strength. Manaia Brown has adequate athleticism to be an every down defensive tackle or a run stuffing defensive end at the nfl level. Manaia Brown holds his ground versus straight ahead run blocking and is above average for a defensive tackle when in persuit of outside runs.
Weakness: Manaia Brown is very raw in his technique. Manaia Brown appears to tire a lot on the field, though the effort is still there.
Development: Manaia Brown had the natural tools to be a good college player without mastering technique, but in the NFL his tools will be average. Though his technique is raw, Manaia Brown does show an aptitude for making good decisions on the field. Manaia Brown's best chance in the NFL short-term is to grab an inactive roster spot or a practice squad spot and then take time to study the game very seriously. With his athleticism and versatility on the line, Manaia Brown has an opportunity to find himself in a defensive line rotation in a year or two. Long term, being part of a defensive line rotation, where he can use his athleticism to make a few big plays and then rest for a series, would be the best situation for Manaia Brown.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Standard NFL build and athleticism. Project. Manaia Brown has everything physically to be a solid NFL player, so his success will be based on whether he can earn a place on the team and then take advantage of it to learn the game.

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