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Kili Lefotu

Washington Redskins


Round 7 (230)


Strength: Kili Lefotu has good size and strength. Kili Lefotu has a lot of experience all over the offensive line against solid competition. Kili Lefotu has the athleticism to run block and pass block.
Weakness: Kili Lefotu is not a dominant player. In spite of all of his game time experience, Kili Lefotu sometimes finds himself out of balance and out of position to make blocks. Kili Lefotu is not explosive nor aggressive.
Development: The Redskins are near desperate at the backup tackle position, and that is why Kili Lefotu makes a lot of since for them so late in the draft. Whatever he may lack, Kili Lefotu has played a lot of top notch college football and the Redskins may need him to start games this year if they have injuries unless they find a veteran before the season. Kili Lefotu is probably not going to be ready to play the way Joe Bugel likes -- smart and aggressive -- for a while. But, he may be able to clog up some space and not be a leaky pipe at tackle with a little help from the tight end. His only competition for the backup tackle spot so far are a some inexperienced, underachiever holdovers and a Canadian league pickup. Unless you count the two veteran centers the Redskins had signed by the time of the draft. Anyways, in spite of the scary talk of Kili Lefotu being the backup tackle this year and in spite of all of his college experience, Kili Lefotu is actually somewhat of a project player with a lot of untapped potential. The ideal for Kili Lefotu would be to sit on the bench and listen to Joe Bugel until he gets a fire under his belly.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact, but shudder for the rest of the offense if he is starting opening day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Adequate tools, project player. He has the tools of a solid NFL starter, but the current productivity of a practice squad specialist. If he doesn't develop into a solid player under Joe Bugel his NFL days will end quickly. If Kili Lefotu works hard in practice and in games there is no reason he shouldn't hang around the NFL for several years.

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