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Kevin Simon

Washington Redskins

Middle Linebacker

Round 7 (250)


Strength: Kevin Simon has incredible agility and quickness for a middle linebacker. Kevin Simon is more athletic than most middle linebackers. Kevin Simon plays smart and reads plays well. Kevin Simon has been consistently productive against top notch teams. Kevin Simon is an above average pass defender at middle linebacker. Kevin Simon is respected by his coaches and teammates as a very hard worker.
Weakness: Kevin Simon will be one of the shortest linebackers in the NFL. Kevin Simon has a serious injury history. Kevin Simon had poor 40 yard dash times. In spite of his thickness, Kevin Simon gets overwhelmed by those blockers who can get solid contact with him.
Development: Kevin Simon is a heady and athletic player who, unlike all of the other 7th rounders, is probably ready to be a starter in the NFL right now, although he may need some time in the Washington Redskins defensive system before he is ready to make all of the defensive calls. Barring injury, he doesn't have to worry about that. Kevin Simon will be battling with about 4 other players for the backup middle linebacker position. Kevin Simon has a shot at the position, but the odds stacked against him. The other MLB on the team have more versatility. Even so, Kevin Simon should eventually get his chance as he may already be the best all-around middle linebacker on the team. The question is whether Kevin Simon's injury history is just really bad luck or brittle bones.
Fantasy Football Rating: If somehow he is out on the football field regularly, he'll make a ton of tackles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Injury Gamble. Undersized. Super Athlete. Productive. If Kevin Simon's injury history is just bad luck he should be the steal of the draft and one of the best players in the NFL some day. However, the Redskins have a lot of young, healthy depth at middle linebacker for at least the next few years. If he gets injured in his first two years it is unlikely Kevin Simon will ever get another shot in the NFL.

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