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Kedric Golston

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Round 6 (196)


Strength: Kedric Golston racked up a ton of quarterback pressures for a defensive tackle playing against top competition. Kedric Golston is a chiseled specimen who in spite of his good height and lean muscle mass manages to use his strength and leverage to keep from getting pushed around. Kedric Golston has good speed for a defensive tackle.
Weakness: Kedric Golston had few tackles or sacks in college.
Development: Kedric Golston has near inexplicable college stats, perhaps because he was more workout warrior than player. He destroyed offenses' plays as much as any defensive lineman in the country, but seldom brought a player down. He can overpower and outrun most interior offensive linemen. There is no doubt of his physical tools, but Kedric Golston needs a lot of coaching. Kedric Golston is a project player who, if he can be coached up, could be as good as any defensive lineman in the draft. But the reason we call it a project player is that more often than not the project doesn't reach what is possible. Still, even if Kedric Golston never progresses, his disruptiveness could be very useful on a team where he is surrounded by good play finishers and ball hawks. Chances are he will be on Washington's practice squad for a while. But, his special disruption skills could earn him significant playing time if the coaches find that the rest of the defense doesn't have enough backfield crashers.
Fantasy Football Rating: If Kedric Golston is in the defensive line rotation he can be a big bonus for the overall defense's interceptions and sacks. His own stats though have always stunk. Kedric Golston has the skills to be a big time sack DT, but something is missing...can Gregg Williams figure it out?
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype Athlete, Project Player. Should make either practice squad or #5 DT spot on roster. Speed might get him a special teams spot. Hard to project. Athletic skills to be Pro Bowler, but history of production projects him more likely to be a career specialist if he find teams in need of a disruptive force, a washout otherwise.

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