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Justin Stull

Washington Redskins

Middle Linebacker

Free Agent


Strength: Justin Stull has been a successful college player at outside linebacker and middle linebacker. Justin Stull has shown some ability to make plays behind the offensive backfield. Justin Stull is not just a brilliant student, but also shows a great deal of football smarts.
Weakness: Justin Stull hasn't shown any kind of knack for forcing turnovers or making big plays, other than tackles in the backfield.
Development: Justin Stull comes to the NFL with a lot of game experience. One thing Justin Stull hasn't done is face a lot of top notch players. Justin Stull has adequate tools for the NFL game and above average intelligence, but the speed of the NFL game will be a big adjustment. Basically, Justin Stull has the same set of tools that his Princeton teammate Zak Keasey had when he managed to make the Redskins roster briefly as a rookie free agent. However, the Redskins didn't have room to keep Keasey, so will they have the room to keep a similarly talented player with one less year of experience? To be fair they're not exactly alike, Keasey is a little more football smarts and always in the middle of plays. Justin Stull tends to be a bit more intimidating physically. Anyways, Keasay had to be about the most impressive rookie in training camp last year for his shot, and Justin Stull will have to do likewise. If he manages to stick around Justin Stull is ready to play now as a solid backup linebacker in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Smart and Tough. Average physique. Has an outside chance to be a solid NFL linebacker with versatility to play every down.

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