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John Eubanks

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Southern Mississippi

Strength: John Eubanks has adequate agility and quickness for the cornerback position. John Eubanks has strong hands and arms fighting for the ball. John Eubanks has good leaping ability and overall athleticism. John Eubanks has plenty of college experience at the cornerback position. John Eubanks has some special teams skills and shows off his athleticism with the ball in his hands.
Weakness: In spite of his slight build, John Eubanks has only average cornerback speed.
Development: John Eubanks is a guy who hasn't gotten a whole lot of accolades, but comes in with a pretty good college track record. John Eubanks has enough physical tools to get the job done in the NFL. John Eubanks should be able to pick up the Redskins defense rather quickly and start competing for a spot on the roster from the start. John Eubanks will mainly be battling a couple of other very talented rookie free agent cornerbacks. If John Eubanks can hang on to at least a practice squad spot he has an excellent chance at developing into a solid NFL cornerback.
Fantasy Football Rating: No immediate impact unless he somehow grabs the kick return or punt return job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Solid. Should become a solid NFL player if given time to develop.

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