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Joe Sykes

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Free Agent

Southern University

Strength: Joe Sykes has good speed, quickness, and agility. Joe Sykes has a good football body. Joe Sykes plays smart and tough. Joe Sykes can be explosive for his size and made about half of his plays in the backfield last year. Joe Sykes is good at finishing off his plays.
Weakness: Joe Sykes is slow to reach top speed, rendering him ineffective chasing down runners after they've broken containment. Joe Sykes needs a lot of development on his technique.
Development: Joe Sykes is a player who makes up for whatever he lacks in skills or technique by getting in the backfield and disrupting offensive plays. He seldom let players get away once he had his hands on them, but that was against much weaker competition than the average NFL player.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he's in the defensive line rotation he makes plays behind scrimmage and creates turnover opportunities for others.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw tools. Gifted overall athlete. Joe Sykes has the talent to be a very disruptive defensive player, the unknown is whether he can adjust to the NFL speed enough to be a consistent player too.

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