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Derrick Fenner

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Free Agent


Strength: Derrick Fenner is a very fast straight line player with a solid body and good leaping ability. Derrick Fenner is an intelligent, high character player. Derrick Fenner gives full effort on fakes and running plays.
Weakness: Derrick Fenner was not at all a dominant college player. Derrick Fenner has below average quickness and agility for a speed receiver.
Development: Derrick Fenner is the kind of a guy you root for and really want to see succeed. That and his speed may be enough to grab him a practice squad spot. He really has a lot to prove after a very average college career. The only real question with Derrick Fenner is whether he has enough agility and quickness to become a crisp root runner who can get open. On under thrown passes Derrick Fenner will get up in the air after the ball. He has deceptive strength in his average to small frame to make plays after catches, but not the athletic 'shake' of an elite receiver that leaves NFL level defensive backs falling on their faces. When Derrick Fenner gets in front of the pack he's gone. The question is whether he can get in front of the pack consistently enough to stick in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No near-future impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Speed project. It's going to take great special teams plays and big receiving plays to get Derrick Fenner on the practice squad this year. If he can master route running he may get a couple chances in the NFL down the road.

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