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David Lonie

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: David Lonie has a very strong kicking leg. David Lonie, a former Australian decathlete and monstrously large soccer player, was the most athletic college punter since Darin Erstad. Standing about 6'6", David Lonie is a tough target for a long snapper to miss. David Lonie has the kind of build and athleticism that most teams salivate over at wide receiver. David Lonie was a more than adequate field goal kicker in community college. David Lonie is good on kickoffs.
Weakness: David Lonie is already 27 years old. David Lonie has a reputation for inconsistency.
Development: With his size, build, and athleticism, David Lonie should offer to try out for some other special teams duties too if it looks like he's losing the punter battle. Take note that David Lonie seems to enjoy making a hard tackle more than booming a 60 yarder. You get the impression with David Lonie that punting is just something he did just because he could, not because its what he does best. He is about as green as punters come (though he is well-accustomed to sports pressure), so learning technique and consistency should be his priorities for a while. Joe Gibbs is not known to play green players, especially on special teams, though last year he had only a semi-experienced punter. David Lonie has a ton of upside with his superior leg strength and should get a shot in the next few years, if not this year, to be a punter in the NFL if he shows any signs of consistency.
Fantasy Football Rating: Redskins should be improved moving the ball this year, but with an injury or two on either Washington's thin offensive line or thin quarterback position, the punter job winner could be a yardage star.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Breaks the mold. Great leg strength. David Lonie has only to gain consistency to be an NFL star. Without consistency, David Lonie probably would spend his career getting tryouts on temporary jobs because of leg strength.

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