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Chris Pino

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Free Agent

San Diego State

Strength: Chris Pino plays and moves around better than his workout numbers. Chris Pino is a big, strong offensive tackle.
Weakness: Chris Pino had bad campus workout numbers. Chris Pino only started for one full year of division I football, though he was a top junior college player.
Development: Chris Pino is a guy who had enough success in college to have made it into the mid rounds of the draft if he'd had a good workout. Many scouts had Chris Pino pegged as a candidate to move to guard based on how slow he was in the workout, but the Redskins like to use guards for pulling and leading the run, so tackle is likely where he'll be given the most looks. Chris Pino is going to have to show early in camp that his upside --size, strength, aniticipatory movement-- will be enough to overcome any shortcomings. Chris Pino has better technique than many of the large rookie offensive tackles the Redskins have unsuccessfully tried to develop in recent years. If he proves able to pick up on Joe Bugel's tutorials as quickly as he did his college coaches', he should be a successful NFL lineman down the road. If he doesn't, Chris Pino doesn't have the tools to stick around the NFL long.
Fantasy Football Rating: No immediate impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size. Anticipatory intelligence. Chris Pino has the minimal tools for the NFL, but whether he fails, sticks around, or becomes good will depend on how well he learns this season.

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