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Chris Mineo

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent


Strength: Chris Mineo has good defensive tackle height. Chris Mineo overpowers much larger lineman with great leverage and strength. Chris Mineo was a very productive defensive tackle in college, who was in the backfield a lot. Chris Mineo shows a very strong grasp of the fundamentals and technique of his position.
Weakness: In spite of being on the small side, Chris Mineo lacks average speed, acceleration, and agility for an NFL defensive tackle. A severe injury limited him to 5 games last year, though he was dominant in those games.
Development: Chris Mineo would have been drafted had he gone to a more prestigious college football program. Chris Mineo's talent is his mind rather than his physical abilities. Chris Mineo is ready to play in the NFL against both the run and the pass. Chris Mineo has rare ability among defensive tackles to always be in the backfield, particularly for a player with such physical limitations. Chris Mineo has a tough battle on his hands to make the roster but should find a way at least onto the practice squad, though he is the least physically gifted of the five rookie defensive tackles the Redskins have signed to try to fill one or two spots on the roster. If he's given a chance, and I think he will unless his ankle injury has lingering effects, Chris Mineo should develop into a fine NFL defensive tackle.
Fantasy Football Rating: He is statistically an impact player if he gets into the defensive line rotation.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Ready to play. Chris Mineo should hang around the NFL for a long time.

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