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Chris Hawkins

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Chris Hawkins shows quick feet, good agility, and excellent acceleration. Chris Hawkins is good at reading plays and would probably project as a good strong safety with another 25lbs on him.
Weakness: In spite of being one of the lighter cornerbacks coming into the draft, Chris Hawkins is not particularly fast. Chris Hawkins did not play against many top wide receivers and struggled against some lesser ones in college.
Development: Chris Hawkins has the essential tools for a cornerback - mentally tough, quick, agile. However, Chris Hawkins is lacking in some of the desired tools for a cornerback - speed, height, strength. Chris Hawkins will have to prove that his former skills are good enough to overcome the deficiencies in the latter. The good news for him is that the Redskins have an opening on the roster and no favorite to fill it, likely meaning a rookie free agent, a versatile safety, or a late-signing free agent will take the position. His best case scenario for 2006 is to make the practice squad when the season starts. There he will have to master his technique, study film, and grasp the mental aspects of the game to some day have a shot at being on an active roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Competitive. Chris Hawkins is a long shot because of his tools, but he gets the most he can out of them, giving him a shot of being an NFL cornerback a couple years down the road.

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