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Chijioke Onyenegecha

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Chijioke Onyenegecha has excellent size and strength for a cornerback. Though large enough to be a safety, Chijioke Onyenegecha has legitimate cornerback speed. Chijioke Onyenegecha makes very athletic plays on the football field. Chijioke Onyenegecha plays with the toughness of a safety. Chijioke Onyenegecha is known as a hard worker.
Weakness: Chijioke Onyenegecha, as might be expected at his size, shows below average agility and acceleration for a cornerback. Chijioke Onyenegecha sometimes looks lost on the field. Chijioke Onyenegecha has below average coverage technique, even at the college level. Chijioke Onyenegecha didn't make a lot of big plays in college.
Development: Chijioke Onyenegecha has overcome very difficult circumstances growing up to get to where he is at and that is the kind of thing Joe Gibbs doesn't overlook when looking for competitors. Everything about Chijioke Onyenegecha screams safety. Of course that's what Gregg Williams likes, guys he can count on to lineup at one position and adequately play other positions when the ball is snapped to confuse the offense. However, odds are the Redskins plans for Chijioke Onyenegecha this year involve his special teams potential with good size and great speed. If he can grasp a spot with his special teams potential his athletic ability should eventually grab him playing time at defensive back as well. If Chijioke Onyenegecha improves his technique, and particularly his defensive reads, he should be ready in 1-2 years.
Fantasy Football Rating: Perhaps he'll get some points, IF he is a special teams regular. If he's starting on defense in 2006, expect opponents to eat him alive.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size and speed. Project. Provided he can win a special teams job early in his career, Chijioke Onyenegecha should some day develop into a solid NFL cornerback or safety with an outside shot at being something special if he can master the mental side of the game.

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