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Buck Ortega

Washington Redskins

H Back

Free Agent


Strength: Buck Ortega was a good special teams player at Miami. Buck Ortega has good athleticism for his height. As an H back Buck Ortega could be in a position to make use of his passing ability on a few trick plays.
Weakness: Buck Ortega doesn't carry enough weight to be a blocking tight end in the NFL. Though Buck Ortega has ok speed for a tight end, he's pretty slow for a smallish player. Buck Ortega was not an impact player in the Miami offense.
Development: Buck Ortega is a player somewhat in the Frank Wychek mold. He has the skills to make some big plays and a lot of little ones in the passing game. However, he was not a good fit for his college team and faces an uphill battle to join the NFL ranks. He has little experience doing anything but special teams. His intelligence and physical skills are what have given him an opportunity to get a look from the Redskins. However, Buck Ortega will have to pick up the complex Washington H back position very quickly even to make the roster or practice squad as a special teams player. The good news for him is that there aren't any veterans or high draft picks vying for the backup H back spot.
Fantasy Football Rating: Some special teams tackles and a couple red zone catches if he makes the squad.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Special teams tackler. H Back project. A longshot to make it in the NFL if he doesn't stick with the Redskins this year.

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