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Anthony Montgomery

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Round 5 (153)


Strength: Anthony Montgomery has great size and strength for the defensive tackle position. Anthony Montgomery is very quick and agile for his size. Anthony Montgomery makes good use of his hands while working in the trenches. Anthony Montgomery has a quick first step. Anthony Montgomery shows above average football intelligence for a defensive tackle.
Weakness: Some scouts feel Anthony Montgomery may be too tall to get the necessary leverage on NFL interior linemen, and in fact is often found not positioning himself properly to get full leverage. Anthony Montgomery at times gets his feet crossed up.
Development: Joe Gibbs has always sought out big defensive tackles who have the strength to hold the line and the height to disrupt passing lanes. Some might remember he even tried to make Hall of Fame worthy massive(for his time) offensive tackle Joe Jacoby into a defensive tackle. Anthony Montgomery is a man who fits that mold. In fact, many NFL scouts projected he could be a good NFL offensive tackle because of his physical build and superior athleticism. Overall it is safe to say that Anthony Montgomery's physical tools match up with any defensive tackle in the 2006 draft. However, what he hasn't done, which the higher draft picks have done, is go out and use his athleticism to consistently dominate opponents. Anthony Montgomery will compete for the 4th or 5th defensive tackle spot on the Redskins roster this year. It is not really important whether he makes the roster because barring a couple of injuries to others or a spectacular training camp Anthony Montgomery will have a year to learn technique and the mental aspect of being an NFL lineman. If he is able to pick up what his coaches are trying to teach him he could turn into a top notch NFL lineman within a year or two. He should some day be a good run stopper who tips a lot of passes and occasionally crashes into the backfield.
Fantasy Football Rating: If Anthony Montgomery finds his way into the starting lineup and your fantasy league has a stat for tipped passes he may be of some help. Otherwise, give it a couple years and check back.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: All of the physical and mental tools, but needs coached up before he can make use of them. 75% chance he'll stick around in the NFL for more than 5 years, which is quite high for fifth round linemen.

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