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Zak Keasey

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Rumor is that Princeton only accepts intelligent players. Zak Keasey has a history of productivity and a lot of game experience. Zak Keasey has a knack for big plays. Zak Keasey reads offenses very well and is always around the ball. Zak Keasey always seems to be just athletic and agile enough to do whatever he needs to make a play.
Weakness: Zak Keasey is small for any linebacker position, particularly middle linebacker. Zak Keasey has questionable speed for a linebacker.
Development: Many scounts don't believe Zak Keasey can make it on the next level because his measurables are frankly...bad. But the best middle linebackers in history often have the same story. Zak Keasey also has the one thing the Redskins value above all else in a linebacker - field intelligence. Zak Keasey should battle for a special teams job and if he fails to get that he has an excellent shot at the practice squad. There is even a small possibility the Zak Keasey could compete for playing time this year at MLB because of his experience. Zak Keasey is as ready to play NFL LB as he'll likely ever be. The question is, how good can Zak Keasey be?
Fantasy Football Rating: If he somehow ends up starting at MLB look for 100+ tackles. Otherwise, no impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Ready-to-go. Intelligent. Zak Keasey is one of the few free agents you can say with some certainty can play well in the NFL. However, with his poor size and speed, he could continue to get overlooked in his career the way he did in the draft.

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