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Tyler Luebke

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Tyler Luebke is known for his hard work and his team-first attitude. Tyler Luebke has surprising athleticism that shows up in his sudden bursts to the football when it is in his zone.
Weakness: Tyler Luebke is undersized for a defensive tackle. Tyler Luebke does not have prototype defensive end speed. Tyler Luebke's football technique is very raw.
Development: Tyler Luebke is the type of high character, high intelligence player Joe Gibbs looks for in a Redskin. Tyler Luebke is not built to be a run-stopper, but that is what he does best. Tyler Luebke will probably be moved to defensive end where he can use his athleticism to contain and tackle backs and scrambling QBs in the backfield. If he works real hard and picks up the Washington defense quickly Tyler Luebke has a pretty good chance at making the practice squad and possibly being active for a few games.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tyler Luebke will make no fantasy impact this year barring injuries in Washington. Has quickness to put up some statistics in a few years if he hangs around long enough to grasp the NFL.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive project. Tyler Luebke quick-thinking/reacting player who has to be dominant with his brain because his body is not.

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