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Robert McCune

Washington Redskins


Round 5 (154)


Strength: Robert McCune is a workout monster. Robert McCune has great strength and speed for his size. Robert McCune has excellent agility. Robert McCune was very productive at Louisville. Robert McCune sheds/throws blockers off himself very well. Robert McCune is an intelligent player who still looks like he's improving. Robert McCune has a lot of special teams experience.
Weakness: Robert McCune is already 25 years old. Though he runs very well, Robert McCune struggles with stop-and-go acceleration.
Development: Typically when someone is built like Robert McCune and gets drafted late, he is a project player. Robert McCune is not a development project. If he was 21, somebody would have drafted him in the second round. Many scouts suggest Joe Gibbs drafted Robert McCune for his special teams monster skills. While I agree Gibbs plans to make use of those skills right away, Robert McCune has the tools Joe usually looks for in a middle linebacker: intelligence, productivity, and strength. Expect Robert McCune to compete for time at middle linebacker right away. There is a chance Robert McCune will be relegated to the practice squad, but most likely he'll make the roster as a special teams player and see action at linebacker. Robert McCune is ready to play, which not many 5th round picks can say.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he should end up starting, get him. Always has made plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype physique. Athletic. Strong. Robert McCune is ready to play in the NFL.

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