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Rich Parson

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Rich Parson is an intelligent wide receiver who isn't afraid to go for a tough catch over the middle or make a heavy block on a bigger player. Rich Parson has a lot of special teams experience. Rich Parson can be elusive with the ball in his hands. In spite of his size, Rich Parson is strong enough to man-handle corners when he is blocking.
Weakness: Rich Parson is small for a WR. Rich Parson was a third receiver at Maryland.
Development: Rich Parson knows how to play football and puts forth a full effort every time he steps on the field. Rich Parson has adequate NFL wide receiver speed and makes up for his small size with strength and determination. Rich Parson, however, could not win a starting job in college and will be hard pressed to win a backup job in the NFL. He will have to really impress coaches in every way to hang on to the practice squad. His ability to play special teams are his best shot.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ordinary skills. Character player. Rich Parson's only chance to make a practice squad in the NFL will be grit and attitude.

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