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Pedro Holiday

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Middle Tennessee State

Strength: Pedro Holiday is blazing fast. Pedro Holiday has experience as a kick and punt block specialist. Pedro Holiday is an excellent kick and punt returner. Pedro Holiday has good height and stretch for a wide receiver. Pedro Holiday displays excellent athleticism and surprising strength. Pedro Holiday has unusual acceleration for his height.
Weakness: Pedro Holiday didn't dedicate himself fully to football in college, though he did see significant playing time throughout high school and college. As a wide receiver for a small college, Pedro Holiday didn't even finish in the top five on his own team in receiving.
0 Development: Scouting Pedro Holiday I was sure the Raiders would draft him, if you know what I mean. Pedro Holiday needs a whole lot of coaching and patience to become an NFL receiver, and it is rare players with his background become good NFL players. However, the dreams of great speed continually lead teams to take a chance on players like Pedro Holiday in hopes they'll land the 1 in 1000 that turns into a great player. But all is not so gloomy for Pedro Holiday as he does have a lot of football experience and he has the skills to step right in and start in the NFL as a return man. As far as receiving, he is very very raw.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact, unless he wins punt/kick returner job. If he does, he is probably as good as any returner.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Track Star Speed. Project. Special Teams. Pedro Holiday could be great, but odds are against even being average.

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