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Nehemiah Broughton

Washington Redskins


Round 7 (222)

The Citadel

Strength: Nehemiah Broughton is very big for a tailback. Nehemiah Broughton has good speed and surprising quickness. Nehemiah Broughton runs the ball with power. Nehemiah Broughton has polished blocking skills from the halfback position.
Weakness: Nehemiah Broughton is not among the more agile running backs taken in the draft. Nehemiah Broughton did not have a lot of passes thrown his way in college.
Development: Washington didn't need another running back at this point in the draft, but Nehemiah Broughton was too good to pass up in the 7th round. Nehemiah Broughton has the physical tools to step right in and play special teams. Washinton probably doesn't even know what position he'll play for them on offense, as he is on the small side for h-back and not an adept pass catcher. Nehemiah Broughton is a very good runner in the single-back set, but his best-case scenario would be 3rd or 4th string halfback. For this reason Nehemiah Broughton figures to be used to provide depth at all of the above positions. Practice squad is likely, but if he shows something special in camp he could end up at the end of the roster because of his versatility. Redskins have a logjam of talented young players after this draft at h-back and halfback.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact unless he wins short-yardage job. Definitely a red-zone player if he sticks in the NFL.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good size/speed combination. Powerful and deliberate. Fundamentally sound. Ready-to-go. Nehemiah Broughton has about a 50-50 chance to stick in the NFL, which is better than average for the 7th round. If Nehemiah Broughton ever gets a chance to start, he should be a solid NFL player.

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