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Manuel White

Washington Redskins


Round 4 (120)


Strength: Manuel White has excellent straight-ahead speed for a running back of his size. Manuel White is a an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Manuel White has nifty feet in the holes. Manuel White is an excellent open field blocker. As a full-back, Manuel White's athleticism is superior.
Weakness: Manuel White has below average change of direction at running back. Manuel White has far below average acceleration at running back. Manuel White often gets shoved backward when blocking much larger defensive linemen.
Development: Manuel White has unusual athleticism for a fullback, but may lack the usual skills needed to play that position. Though he is physically similar, and thus draws comparisons, to Stephen Davis, Manuel White doesn't have Davis's break-away acceleration. Also, Manuel White is a far superior receiver to Davis. In the NFL Manuel White projects as an H-Back, where his skills are ideal. Manuel White may also see time at halfback on short-yardage running plays, where his size, niftiness, and strength can break through the line for tough yards. Manuel White will take a while to develop his blocking skills at H-Back, but his receiving skills are good enough now. Manuel White's athletic versatility projects him to be a solid special teams player.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact right away unless Cooley goes down. Future depends on how he is used, but projects as red-zone player.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Athletic. Good size. Because of his versatility, Manuel White should stick in the NFL until he develops into a solid player.

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