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Jonathan Alston

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

South Carolina

Strength: Jonathan Alston has adequate height, strength, and experience to play guard or tackle. Jonathan Alston plays smart and rarely misses an assignment. Jonathan Alston has experience at defensive end. Jonathan Alston has shown a toughness to play through injuries.
Weakness: Jonathan Alston wasn't a star on his college team. Jonathan Alston may not have the quickness/size/athleticism combination to play on the line at his size, as none of these attributes is outstanding. Jonathan Alston has a history of injuries.
Development: Jonathan Alston went from a defensive lineman to a smart, decisive offensive linemen over the course of his college career. In spit of his intelligence, Jonathan Alston has a lot of work to do on the finer technical aspects and mindsets of the offensive line. Jonathan Alston also could use a few more pounds of muscle on him, which his big build should allow. Jonathan Alston will be battling against many others on the end of the Redskins bench fighting for third-string lineman jobs. His multiposition experience is his best chance, His biggest obstacle may be that he is among the smaller and less polished of the young linemen the Redskins have brought into camp. If Jonathan Alston really impresses coaches, he has a shot at the practice squad. With hard work Jonathan Alston could then in a few years become an NFL player.
Fantasy Football Rating: No Impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw. Multipositional. Intelligent. Good frame. Jonathan Alston has the odds against him, but the talent is there to be a solid player if he can hang on with a team for a couple years of practice squad/bench experience.

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