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Jerome Nichols

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Wake Forest

Strength: Jerome Nichols has a good combination of size and quickness for the defensive end position. Jerome Nichols plays well in both the 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. Jerome Nichols penetrates well to pressure QBs and destroy running lanes. Jerome Nichols is a sure tackler. Jerome Nichols has very good football intelligence. Jerome Nichols has shown a knack for jamming tight ends and getting into passing lanes.
Weakness: Jerome Nichols is not particularly strong, fast, or tall. Jerome Nichols does not score well on many of the 'measureables'.
Development: Jerome Nichols is an example of a very productive college player who should continue to be productive at the NFL level, in spite of the lack of scout interest he has received. Jerome Nichols is quick enough to jitter a lineman at the last second and burst into a lane, and strong enough to make the tackle. Jerome Nichols knows how to play football and his position and he should be ready to step right into the NFL and continue his development process. He is a prototypical Joe Gibbs Redskin.
Fantasy Football Rating: Little to no impact this year. If he hangs around and becomes a starter, expect good tackles for loss stats and average lineman stats otherwise.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Ready-to-go. Jerome Nichols should have been drafted. Jerome Nichols is gifted in all of the unmeasurables and if he can find a spot on the roster he should stick around the NFL for a solid career.

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