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Jason Campbell

Washington Redskins


Round 1 (25)


Strength: Jason Campbell has ideal pocket quarterback size, yet the speed and athleticism to be a weapon when he scrambles. Jason Campbell is an intelligent leader on the field. Jason Campbell led his team to a perfect season against top-tier college teams. Jason Campbell consistently came through with high completion percentages in college, Jason Campbell has a lot of game experience. Jason Campbell has adequate NFL arm strength and accuracy.
Weakness: Jason Campbell benefited from playing on a team with great college talent around him, particularly in the running game. Jason Campbell's biggest struggles in college seemed to be with the speed of the game, which is a major red flag moving into the NFL
Development: Jason Campbell has all of the measurable tools and the long-term college productivity against top competition to go with it. However, Jason Campbell is still not ready to make decisions at NFL speed. He should be the Redskins 3rd QB for a couple years before even being given a chance to compete for a job. Given Jason Campbell's history consistent success, he should be given plenty of chances to prove he can play in the NFL at that time.
Fantasy Football Rating: No immediate impact. Possible future star, check in a few years to see how his development is going.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal athlete and leader. Productive. Consistent history of success. Has the talent of a superstar in the NFL, the only question is whether he can adapt to the flow of an NFL game. Don't bet against him.

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