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Jared Newberry

Washington Redskins


Round 6 (183)


Strength: Jared Newberry is very intelligent on and off the field. Jared Newberry is fundamentally sound. Jared Newberry made a lot of big plays for Stanford. Jared Newberry rarely makes a mistake.
Weakness: Jared Newberry is small for a linebacker. Jared Newberry is slow for his OLB. Jared Newberry is not very athletic. Jared Newberry is not very strong.
Development: Jared Newberry has the main two traits Joe Gibbs looks for: Football intelligence and Fundamentals. However, Joe Gibbs and Gregg Williams linebackers are usually either gifted in speed or strength and Jared Newberry is neither. Jared Newberry will have to show that he can continue that productivity in the NFL where players who are bigger than him will also be faster and more agile than him. However, productivity is rarely a fluke and Jared Newberry gives washington dc a player they can feel comfortable plugging in right away and not worry about him making big mistakes or being out of position. His long term potential is not much better than his present ability, but that may be good enough to have a long career in the NFL if he gets a chance to prove himself in game situations. Long-term, Jared Newberry's skills may put him at the more cerebral MLB position where his speed is adequate, but his size is an issue in such a move.
Fantasy Football Rating: No immediate impact. Will always put up solid numbers when he starts.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go. Fundamentally sound. Intelligent. Reliable. Jared Newberry will hang around on rosters for several years if he gets a chance to play early in his career. Don't be surprised to see his career mirror that of Antonio Pierce, if he gets the same opportunities.

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