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Dominique Richardson

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Dominique Richardson has experience all over the line. Dominique Richardson got a lot of playing time in his years at Howard. Dominique Richardson has a nice frame for a lineman. Dominique Richardson never looks lost on the football field.
Weakness: Dominique Richardson is way too small to play on an offensive line this year in the NFL. Dominique Richardson was not as dominant as you'd like to see a player be against poor competition. There are questions about whether Dominique Richardson will be able to fill his frame quickly enough and whether he'll be able to retain his athleticism at a higher weight.
Development: Dominique Richardson has plenty of experience, but not at anything near NFL speed and size. Dominique Richardson's only hope for developing into an NFL player is to make a lot of big plays, quickly grasp everything the coaches say, show he can overpower larger players, and grab a spot on the practice squad. Then he'll have to dominate practice for a couple years to get his shot. To do that Dominique Richardson will first have to adapt to NFL speed while he gets stronger, which is not a task to be underestimated. I wonder if maybe Gibbs and Williams aren't thinking defensive end project.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project. Body. Local. Dominique Richardson has very little chance of making the practice squad, but getting signed is an excellent first step. The odds are strongly against Dominique Richardson.

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