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David Kashetta

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Boston College

Strength: David Kashetta showed a solid set of athletic skills at the combine. David Kashetta is a reliable blocker who hits his targets hard. David Kashetta adjusts well to the ball and fights well for the ball. David Kashetta is a smart player who seldom misses an assignment. David Kashetta has special teams experience.
Weakness: David Kashetta does not have good speed. David Kashetta is not as strong as one would like to see in a blocker.
Development: David Kashetta doesn't have the size or strength to be a full time blocking tight end at the line and lacks the speed to be a downfield threat as a receiver. David Kashetta will likely be converted to the H-Back position where he can use his solid blocking technique and good hands to help the team. He is very similar to Cooley, but a little smaller and a little slower. If David Kashetta's special teams experience can get him a spot on the practice squad he could develop into a solid NFL H-Back within a year. However, there are few teams that currently use H-Backs so being a solid one may not be enough to give him a long career.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact. Possible future Red-Zone player. Not a big play threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go. Solid. Technically sound. Team player. David Kashetta will probably be eliminated in the numbers game within 3 years, but he has what it takes to help an NFL team that uses an H-Back or zone-coverage seam receiver at Tight End.

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