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Charles Howard

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Florida State

Strength: Charles Howard has experience at every position on the defensive line. Charles Howard has bursting quickness and agility, making many a good offensive lineman whiff.
Weakness: Charles Howard doesn't have enough bulk for defensive tackle, being a bit small for even defensive end. Charles Howard is an all-around liability on running plays. Charles Howard wasn't even a starter on his college team.
Development: Charles Howard is a curious mixture. Everything about Charles Howard's physique says defensive end, but he is really much better suited for defensive tackle. Charles Howard has the quickness and runningback-like elusiveness to burst between and around interior linemen, but may lack the speed to get by tackles and to the QB before the pass is thrown when playing at the defensive end position. Charles Howard's pass rush ability makes him ready to step into NFL and play right now as a situational player. If Charles Howard ever wants to be more than a situational player he will have to add 30lbs to his frame without losing any of his elusiveness. Some work on his technique is also badly needed, and might make him more serviceable at defensive end.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he wins a pass-rush specialist job he could get significant sacks, but don't count on too many tackles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Pass-Rush Specialists. Elusive. Project. Charles Howard's pass rush ability is rare, so don't be surprised if he sticks around the NFL for a while.

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