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Carlos Rogers

Washington Redskins


Round 1 (9)


Strength: Carlos Rogers is an excellent athlete, scoring very well in every physical category at the NFL scouting combine. Carlos Rogers has consistently dominated top receivers from top colleges. Carlos Rogers has excellent size for a man with his extraordinary agility. Carlos Rogers is a student of the game and gets rave reviews for his grasp of the defense and ability to read offenses.
Weakness: Carlos Rogers had a low wonderlic score at the combine, though coaches swear by his intelligence and he is very well-spoken. Carlos Rogers has many flaws in his technique, relying on his superior athletic skills in college.
Development: Carlos Rogers is ready to be an NFL starter. Carlos Rogers may take his lumps early on, but there is no doubt he has all of the tools and is a hard enough worker to succeed. Carlos Rogers is very similar to Fred Smoot coming out of college, except that Carlos Rogers has a bigger frame. Likewise, Carlos Rogers has a lot of NFL technique he needs to master. If he continues to work hard and study, Carlos Rogers should start out as an average NFL corner and within a few years be one of the better ones in the league.
Fantasy Football Rating: Solid CB, who will be on the field a lot even if he starts out as the nickel corner.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal cornerback build and skills. Champ Bailey type, though not quite as fast. Should have a long NFL career as one of the better cornerbacks in the league.

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